NCSB Members Attend International Conference of Genomics

In September, four members from the National Center of Soybean Biotechnology (NCSB) attended the 9th International Conference of Genomics (ICG-9) that was held in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Shenzhen International Biotechnology Innovation Forum and Expo (SIBIFE-3) in Shenzhen, China. The NCSB members who attended include Dr. Henry Nguyen, Theresa Musket, Dr. Babu Valliyodan, and Dr. Tri Vuong. The main focus at ICG conference was to bring together a diverse group of leaders, researchers, and professionals to connect and discuss developments in their field of genomics. Attendees of the conference originated from a variety of fields including agriculture, animal and plant science, human health, and other related fields. This year, SIBIFE was also connected with ICG. Corporate leaders, insightful scholars, industry heavy weights, policy makers, and biotech investors made up the vast majority of attendees for the International Biotechnology Innovation Expo.

By combining ICG and SIBIFE, scientists and industry professionals were given the opportunity to discuss recent developments and come up with new collaborations. Speakers from across the world were brought here to discuss a wide variety of topics. Evolution and biodiversity, rare diseases, major crops, orphan crops, and soybean genomics are only a few of the many topics discussed during the International Conference of Genomics and Biotechnology Innovation. More information about the event can be found at the ICG website.