2012 News & Announcements

Soybean Genomic Research Strategic Plan; 2012-2016 (01/01/12)

Building Better Soybeans (02/17/12)

A promising new soy product emerges from a Mexico Mo., plant science center (02/18/12)

Mizzou researcher tries to crack code on soybeans (02/18/12)

MU researchers attempt to decipher genetic code of soybeans (02/23/12)

Lunasin-packed powder will revitalize soy protein shake market, says Reliv (01/23/12)

Reliv and Soy Labs Launch LunaRich, a Healthier Soy (01/16/12)

Recruitment video for the Division of Plant Sciences at the University of Missouri (03/12/12)

Battling a Soy Pest (04/26/12)

Little Bean, Big Money (06/08/12)

Soybean Symposium Attracts Large Audience (06/13/12)

New project explores ATP’s role in plant signaling; another expands understanding of the soybean genome (07/18/12)

NCSB has strong showing at 6th Annual International Crop Science Congress. (08/13/12)

Dr. Valliyodan speaks at 6th International Conference on Legume Genetics and Genomics. (10/08/12)

Recent Advances in Genome Science Discussed at the 1st International Conference of Genomics in the Americas. (09/27/12)

Mystery of Nematode Pest-Resistant Soybeans (10/15/12)