2010 News & Announcements

National Science Foundation Awarded MU Researchers Funds for Plant Genome Research (11/29/10)

MU Researcher Receives Excellence Award (12/01/10)

Genes Discovered by Researchers for Healthier Soybean Oil (11/17/10)

Change in Temperature Uncovers Genetic Cross Talk in Plant Immunity (11/15/10)

MU Scientists to Conduct Research for New Botanical Center (11/01/10)

Scientists Explains Biotechnology to MU Journalism Students (10/25/10)

MU Scientists Improve Soybean Oil for a Healthier Snack (09/08/10)

Nguyen Lab featured on KOMU News (06/01/10)

New Gene Discovery May Lead to new Soybean Variety Plants (04/27/10)

Gary Stacey Named Fellow of American Society of Plant Biologists (04/30/10)

Chews Like Chicken (02/10/10)

MU Graduate Student Wins First Place Award at ASA-CSSA-SSSA Conference (11/23/10)

MU Scientist Studies Plants to Adapt to High Radiation (10/06/10)

Q &A with Gary Stacey (09/30/10)

The Root Impact of Climate Change (09/21/10)

Genetics; Study results from MU, National Center for Soybean Biotechnology Provide New Insights Into Genetics (09/01/10)

Soil Gives Away Soybean Pathogen's Presence by CSSA (06/21/10)

ASA Advises NRC that Soy Oil can Fulfill Demand for Food, Feed, and Fuel (05/03/10)

Double Crop Soybean Needs Tender Loving Care for Best Results (06/09/10)

MU scientists officials attended groundbreaking event at Missouri Plant Science Center in Mexico, MO (05/03/10)

USB News Release: Soybean Checkoff Marks Soyfoods Month (04/30/10)

Poster Award Winners from NCSB Members labs during Life Science Week (04/28/10)

NCSB Hosted the National Soybean Biotechnology Symposium (04/07/10)

Soybean Cyst Nematode Management: Take the Test. Beat the Pest (03/03/10)

CornSoybean Futures Rise as US Econimc Growth Accelerates (02/26/10)

Acreage Projections for U.S. 2010 Crops (02/19/10)

Food Companies Committed to LowLinolenic Soybean Oil, Says Monsanto (02/16/10)

Farmers are benefitting from record demand at home and abroad (02/19/10)

Variety Selection, Seed Treatments, Planting Dates are Key Factors to HighYielding Soybeans (02/18/10)

Soybean Genome Analysis Reveals Pathways for Improving Biodiesel, Disease Resistance, and Reducing Waste Runoff (02/01/10)

MU Researchers Map Soybean Genome; Jan 2010 (01/27/10)

Mapping the Plants Genetic Code could Yield Healthier and More Plentiful Food (01/15/10)

Henry Nguyen received visiting professorship from the Vietnam National University, January 2010 (01/11/10)

Henry Nguyen appointed to the Editorial Board of Molecular Breeding, January 2010 (01/11/10)