2006-2003 News & Announcements

KBIA New Soybean Research Facility Opens 2006 (10/03/06)

NCSB opens new soybean genome mapping facility (10/02/06)

USB Soybean Genomics Workshop Report (08/03/06)

CNSF Congressional Exhibition (06/07/06)

Senator Bond presents Keynote NAS Speaker (04/03/06)

Second Annual Soybean Biotechnology Symposium (03/22/06)

Sequence Soybean Genome (01/17/06)

Root expertise puts MU in leadership position (11/04/05)

Asian soybean rust scouting reports (06/10/05)

Mizzou Sends Test Soybeans to Vietnam (06/06/05)

MU soybean breeder returns from Vietnam optimistic (06/06/05)

MU plant scientists to collaborate on longterm project with Vietnam (05/13/05)

First Annual Soybean Biotechnology Symposium (04/25/05)

AgBioForum Special Issue: Soybean BioTechnology (12/01/04)

NCSB Ribbon Cutting (10/28/04)

Mizzou News (12/01/03)