Xuemin Wang

Xuemin Wang

E. Desmond Lee and Family Fund Professor
Department of Biology, University of Missouri-St. Louis

E-mail: SWang@danforthcenter.org
Web site: Department of Biology at UMSL
Office phone: (314) 516-6219
Fax: (314) 516-6233

Research Interest

Signal transduction processes in plant growth and stress responses; Lipid-mediated signaling; Regulation and function of phospholipases; Lipidomics and metabolic profiling; Metabolic engineering and oilseed quality.


Signal transduction in plant growth, development, and stress responses: Lipid-mediated signaling; Functional genomics of phospholipases; Metabolic profiling and lipidomics; Metabolic engineering

Research in my laboratory concerns signal transduction processes that regulate plant growth, development, and stress responses. My current research is grouped into four interrelated clusters:
I. Lipid-mediated signaling
II. Functional genomics of phospholipases
III. Metabolic profiling and lipidomics
IV. Metabolic engineering

One major focus in my laboratory is to understand the role of membrane lipids and phospholipases in signaling cascades. Specifically, we are interested in: i) identifying and characterizing enzymes that generate lipid messengers, ii) defining downstream targets of lipid signaling pathways, iii) elucidating the relationship and networks of different signaling processes in hormonal and stress responses, and iv) determining the physiological functions of lipid-mediated signaling. In addition, we are applying knowledge gained from the above studies to manipulating crop plants for improving stress tolerance and productivity. Integrated approaches of molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, stress physiology, functional genomics, and metabolomics are employed in our research.

Selected Publications