William Folk

William Folk

Department of Biochemistry

E-mail: folkw@missouri.edu
Office address: 202D Schlundt Annex
Office phone: (573) 884-2921
Fax: (573) 884-4597

Research Interest

Phytonutrients and seed composition.


Folk's research interests focus upon the role of phytonutrients in human health and disease. He and colleagues at the University, theMissouri Botanical Garden and the University of Western Cape, South Africa study the scientific basis of traditional phytotherapies. Another major focus of the Folk and members of his laboratory is the use of biotechnology to improve plant protein nutritive quality. By altering the fidelity of protein synthesis and the use of heterologous tRNAs and activating enzymes, they increase the quantity of nutritionally limiting amino acids in crop plants used for nutrition (http://www.isb.vt.edu/news/2003/news03.Aug.html).

Selected Publications