Mel Oliver

Mel Oliver

Supervisory Research Geneticist, Adjunct Professor
USDA-ARS, Division of Plant Sciences

Web site: Mel Oliver; USDA-ARS
Office address: 204 Curtis Hall, University of Missouri
Office phone: (573) 882-9645
Fax: (573) 884-7850

Research Interest

Modification of Soybean Seed Composition for Food, Feed, and Other Industrial Uses


1. The long-term goal of this Objective is to develop soybean seeds that have increased oil levels derived at the expense of non-structural carbohydrates.

2. Molecular biology techniques will be used to improve the nutritional quality of soybean seed proteins.

3. To develop the molecular basis for modification of the fatty acid components of soybean oil and anti-nutritional components in soybean meal to use in accelerated breeding programs. 4. Identify effects on key performance determinants of crop seed quality resulting from modified seed composition using traditional or non-traditional genetic methods.

Selected Publications