James Allen Wrather

James Allen Wrather

Division of Plant Sciences

E-mail: WratherJ@missouri.edu
Office phone: (573) 379-5431
Fax: (573) 379-5875

Research Interest

Soybean disease control and extension plant pathology.


Soybean production in Missouri averaged 164 million bushels per year from 1998 to 2000. Unfortunately, production was reduced by diseases each year, and 2000 yields were cut 13.9 million bushels. Soybean disease losses declined in Missouri from 1974 to 2000 due primarily to introduction of disease-resistant varieties. Increased research is needed to further reduce soybean losses to diseases. Dr. Wrather's research focuses on integrated disease management in soybean. His current research interests include the effects of tillage, planting dates, and cultivars on disease incidence and severity, and on soybean yield losses caused by diseases both nationally and internationally. He is also responsible for extension programs in cotton, rice, and grain sorghum disease management.

Selected Publications