Dmitry Korkin

Dmitry Korkin

Assistant Professor
Informatics Institute and Department of Computer Science

Web site: Korkin Lab
Office address: 207 Engineering Building West, University of Missouri
Office phone: (573) 882-4762
Fax: (573) 882-8318

Research Interest

Development and application of structural bioinformatics methods to study structure, function, and evolution of macromolecular assemblies; studying structural mimicry in host-pathogen interactions.


Our group (the Korkin Lab) is involved in an interdisciplinary research focusing on the areas of (i) machine learning and pattern recognition, and (ii) computational biology and structural bioinformatics. The research in these areas is inspired by two basic questions.

Q1: Can we teach a computer to recognize and categorize real-world objects the way a human does?

To tackle this question, we are developing new formal methods for structure- or symbolic-based machine learning and pattern recognition. While applying these methods to the classical applications of pattern recognition, we also hope that the methods will help us answering a biological question:

Q2: What can we learn about structure, function, and evolution of macromolecular assemblies and larger biological systems?

In collaboration with experimental scientists, we try to answer this question for specific biological systems. In particular, we study molecular assemblies of a chemical synapse, a complex biological system that is linked to the basic cognitive processes, such as learning and memory. We hope that one day, the discovered molecular mechanisms behind those processes can be incorporated into a machine learning framework.

Selected Publications

Technical reports